Yeotown eco-suites

ModCell have recently completed work on two new eco-units at Yeotown, Snapper, Devon. The two units incoporate 5 Eco-suites.

Quote: Simon Sieff - Yeotown MD
"From the beginning Yeotown's intention was to always grow organically and authentically. Five years after throwing open their farm house doors, their signature Yeotox retreat now runs every week, year round, most weeks at capacity. For this reason, Yeotown is expanding to meet the growing demand for guests who wish to experience their award winning programme. Beginning in early 2016, Yeotown will have 5 new 'eco-suites', all manufactured from locally sourced carbon sequestering materials that include straw bales and wood which lead to create a less than zero carbon construction system. This means that in addition to helping to manage the planets delicate resources, by insulating the walls with more natural materials, the new Yeotown suites will have a lovely welcoming feel with 18” thick walls providing excellent heat retention in winter and remaining cooler during summer".

The new eco suites will be finished to the highest standards with underfloor heating, wet bathrooms and power showers as well as luxuriant baths including a super suite with floor to ceiling double height windows and a fireplace. The design of the rooms has been inspired by Simon and Mercedes’ travels from around the world where they have spent the past two years sourcing specially designed, unique pieces everywhere from Bali to Sri Lanka to the Cotswolds. With 15 years experience running his own much heralded interior design, art and antique furniture business, Simon has designed the rooms to be a perfect extension of the 'rustic luxury' feel Yeotown is known and admired for."

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Woodward Smith