BaleHaus® - A domestic “carbon bank” 

Living more sustainably requires us to develop ways to:

Live within our environmental means (especially in relation to our carbon footprint). 
Maintain a healthy and comfortable quality of life. 
Build strong communities.

BaleHaus® addresses these three challenges in a number of ways and offers a straightforward and practical way to reduce our footprint on the earth, without the need for an “eco-guilt trip”.

A Lifetime of Low Carbon

 A conventional house designed to today's Building Regulations will emit ca. 3.1 tonnes of CO2 per year. The BaleHaus® , however, reduces its heating demand by 80%. It does this through the super-insulation provided by ModCell® , high performance triple glazing combined with airtight construction, passive design techniques and heat recovery ventilation in winter. A BioMass boiler combined with a solar domestic hot water system to each house supply the remaining heat requirement for water heating. Energy efficient electrical fittings and appliances in combination with passive design and good daylight levels reduce the electrical demand by 19%. These measures mean the Balehaus®  carbon emissions are reduced to 1.6 tonnes per year, a saving of almost 50%.